Title: Meet Virginia
Artist: Train
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Train- Meet Virginia

Well, she wants to be the queen, then she thinks about her scene. Pulls her hair back as she screams, "I don’t really wanna be the queen."

Title: it's exactly what you think
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i pretty much love anyone who listens to me rant about what happened in my day even if it’s the really small things and especially if they take a genuine interest in what happened and i love when i feel like people care about me its very nice :*****

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the stupidest thing happened to me today

so the little girls i watch told me they liked my makeup the other day and when they asked if i would put some on them i said “no, but maybe i can get you a little of your own” and i was going to get them a little bonnie bell chapstick, the kind that tastes like cookies or skittle or something you know, TOTALLY HARMLESS STUFF

and i asked their mom if it would be ok and she was like “Nooo! it’s full of artificials and preservatives!”

like, i get it, you want to be healthy and eat healthy and organic, etc etc. but it is a CHAPSTICK

it’s blowing my mind, ok. too excessive, man. 

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  • i think my car officially died today
  • my dogs got out of my gate
  • i found out i can push my car by myself thank u leg strength
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i’ve cried twice watching mmfd and the episode isn’t over yet

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