• I forgot to put on mascara today
  • feeling very audrey hepburn circa funny face today
  • someone said my hair looked nice so that’s good
  •  i also forgot my headphones
  • im really not looking forward to babysitting tonight 
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things i learned from being a fat girl:

  • the place for you in society is small. it will suffocate you if you let it.
  • being quiet is a better choice. no one likes the loud obnoxious fat girl
  • if a boy likes you, it’s probably a joke. don’t trust him. 
  • it’s better to tell the joke than be the joke. they can’t make fun of you if they’re laughing at something else.
  • the looks girls give you at forever 21 will burn into your skin. stay in the plus-sized section or else.
  • beautiful clothes are meant for beautiful people. you are not one of them. crying in the dressing room does not change this. designers don’t care.
  • when someone deems you beautiful, it’s framed by the words “for a girl your size.” sometimes followed up with the “you could be gorgeous if you lost weight.” comment.
  • eating with people is uncomfortable. eating out with your family is uncomfortable. at seven years old, you shouldn’t not be concerned if the boys at the table across from you are watching your eat and if you’re eating too much. 
  • listening to your thinner friends discuss how fat they feel after eating hurts. if you speak up, it could be used against you.
  • listening to your thinner friends talk about borrowing clothes from each other hurts. if you speak up, be sure to take notes on the “healthy eating and exercise more” speech. 
  • looking at pictures and noticing how  big you look compared to your friends while people protest that you “don’t look that big in real life”
  • trying to talk to someone about the relationship you have with food is difficult.
  • fat girls aren’t allowed to have eating disorders like anorexia. “if you had anorexia you wouldn’t be fat in the first place.”
  • "you being fat is a kind of a blessing. at least no one would want to rape you" will create the mindset that not being an optimal target for rape is a bad thing.
  • trying to talk about how boys don’t like you because of your size and your mother saying “i don’t know what to say, i never had that problem” will hurt.
  • people will judge you by what’s in your grocery cart. if it’s healthy, “omg she’s trying to get thin. good luck with that.” if it’s junk food, “no wonder she’s fat. buy some vegetables, fattie.”
  • your brain is meaner to you than people are. but people are pretty awful.
  • wear makeup, because if your face looks good, people might ignore the rest of you.
  • only take selfies from above angles, and never show your body. you’ll ruin the illusion that you’re beautiful.
  • the place for you in society is small. it will suffocate you if you let it.

i wish my family woudl come home so this drama fest would begin

im already exhausted from it

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